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        關于迪尚公司簡介 | GROUP PROFILE



            迪尚集團主要生產高檔男女時裝、高檔毛呢大衣、牛仔服、針織 衫、童裝、防寒服、休閑服等,年產量1億件/套,與海外400多家品 牌客戶保持著良好的合作關系,營銷網絡遍布亞、美、歐等,產品銷 往全球近一百個國家和地區。
            迪尚集團致力于成為最具競爭力的國際化服裝企業,以永續發 展、造福員工、奉獻社會為使命,是國家重點關注和支持的出口名牌 企業,受到了國家和省、市領導的熱情關懷。李克強總理4月20日視察迪尚集團,高度評價迪尚集團是傳統行業轉型升級的典范,稱贊迪尚“在傳統產業里挖出金礦”,是“老樹發新枝”。

            Dishang Group Co., Ltd was founded in 1993, and owns Cherry Group Co., Ltd and Weihai Textile Group Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd, which are the two main trading bodies of the company. The group has more than 20,000 employees. Our industry covers clothing R & D and design, garment manufacturing and processing, import and export trade, brand retailing, e-commerce, finance, logistics, real estate and other fields. The Group annual turnover exceeds 1.8 billion US dollars, and has become one of the largest garment export group in China.

            Our main products include top grade ladies fashion wear, woolen coats, jeans as well as knitwear, children’s wear, puffa jackets, casual wear etc with the annual output exceeding 100 million pieces. The group has developed excellent cooperation with around 400 overseas customers. The marketing network spreads all over Asia, the USA, as well as many European countries whilst its products have reached over 100 countries and regions.

            Over the years, Dishang has been devoting itself to become the most competitive and international garment company. The group focus on sustainable development and the benefit of employees as well as making dedication to society is our mission. Our group receives key support from national government as export brand-name enterprises. Meanwhile we receive the interest and support from national, provincial and municipal government officials. The Chinese Premier Mr. Li Keqiang inspected Dishang on 20th April 2017. He was pleased to see our innovation and different ideas deriving from traditional industry, praising our innovation as ‘New trends grow from conventional business, Surprising progress rises from traditional industry’.